Zac Efron wearing see-through white pants in trailer for The Paperboy

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If you’ve ever dreamed about watching Zac Efron frolic about on a lawn wearing nothing but a pair of slightly see-through white pants – your prayers have been answered.

Because that’s exactly what that big ol’ hunk of love Zac has done in his new film, The Paperboy. SEE?

Zac Efron in see through pants in the paperboy

While the title of the film originally led us to believe that we’d be watching two hours of Zaccy wandering down a street sticking his rolled up paper in to various boxes, that’s not actually the basis of the plot.

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Based on a true story, The Paperboy tells the tale of Hilary Van Wetter (we bet he got hell at school with that surname) a man on death row accused of murdering the local sheriff (who probably made fun of his name).

Nicole Kidman and zac efron in the paperboy

Zac plays Jack Jensen, a young newspaper reporter, who along with his colleague Ward (Matthew McConaughey) attempts to help Van bed Wetter's fiancé Charlotte (Nicole Kidman) clear her lover’s name.

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Unfortunately, it seems even Nicole isn’t immune to those piercing Efron eyes, because the pair start up a STEAMY affair, which is when things start to get reaaaaal complicated.

It’s also when the white pants come out, which you’ll see when you watch this trailer below. Go on, have a look-see.


AGH looks good doesn’t it? We're LOVING Nicole Kidman playing a sort of trampy blonde.

Appaz there's one scene where she DOES A WEE on Zac Efron when he gets stung by a jellyfish. Graphic.

What do you think of the trailer?

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