Back in the days before Kristen Stewart shattered our Robsten based dreams - and if we're honest, our faith in humanity - by doing the love tango with Rupert Sanders, she made film 'On The Road'.

Now a brand new trailer has been released for the flick, a trailer which we advise Robert Pattinson not to watch.

Kristen Stewart in new film On The Road

Why? Well not only does Kstew look proper fit with her blonde highlights, but she also gets naked with two men in a car, before dancing provocatively with another.

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Rather ironically considering everything the DRAMAH currently surrounding her personal life, Kristen plays slutty promiscuous Marylou in the flick - a character who has a threesome, and bonks anything with a pulse.

Kristen Stewart in on the road trailer

Despite feeling very let down by Kstew right now (we're not angry, just disappointed) we are actually looking forward to seeing the flick, which is based on Jack Kerouac's famous novel of the same name.

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Partly because we think it'll be interesting to see Kristen play a character who doesn't spend the entire film looking slightly worried/brooding - and partly because her co-star Garrett Hedlund is HOT.

Oh, Kstew looks so joyful and carefree. Happier times, people, happier times.

Kristen Stewart talks "insane" threesome in On The Road

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson walk the On The Road red carpet

PICS: Kristen Stewart rocks a new look in latest film 'On The Road'

Images: Lionsgate

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