It's a well known fact that award ceremony hosts spend the majority of their time at the podium poking fun at the latest celebrity scandals and gossip.

Y'know, like if one super famous celebrity - let's call her Kristen Stewart - were to cheat on another super famous celebrity - let's call him Robert Pattinson - that would be PRIME comedic material, right?

MTV VMA host banned from making jokes about Robsten

Unfortunately for Kevin Hart - the host of this year's MTV Video Music Awards - any jokes relating to the Kstew/Rupert Sanders affair scandal have been BANNED from the awards ceremony. Bummer.

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According to, an insider revealed that MTV's close relationship with Summit - who produce the Twilight films - is why Kevin has been asked to hold back from making jokes about the ex-couple.

"Kevin Hart will be told to tread those waters lightly and be asked to refrain from mentioning it,” the source told the website.

Kevin Hart banned from making Robsten jokes at the VMA awards

“They are respecting the severity of the situation, and the relationship they have made with the cast and the films, to not ruffle any feathers.”

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"...They also realize it is a live show, so they will expect the unexpected,” the insider added.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both scheduled to present at this year’s VMAs - NO NOT TOGETHER-  which could also explain why MTV are so keen any Robsten wisecracks are kept at bay.

It would be majorly awkward. But also sort of awesome. Can you IMAGINE Kstew's face?

Kristen Stewart affair jokes banned from MTV VMA awards

Bah, we're going to have to wait until September 6th to see if Kevin Hart dares to slip in a few sly digs.

As if we weren't already looking forward to the show enough, what with One Direction performing and everything.

What do you think, are MTV right to ban jokes?

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What do you think?