WATCH: Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth in 'Red Dawn' trailer

The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has traded in one Hemsworth brother for another, and stars alongside Chris Hemsworth in this trailer for brand new flick Red Dawn.

Red Dawn trailer

The film - which is a remake of the 1984 original - sees a group of teenagers form a rebel army in order to defend their hometown against attacking foreign soldiers.

It all looks tres dramatic and bad-ass - quite HOW Chris Hemsworth is supposed to be a teenager though, we're not really sure.

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Still, he looks WELL FIT. Loving the shorter look, Hemmo.

Red Dawn trailer josh hutcherson chris hemsworth

Red Dawn was actually completed in 2009, but had its release held up by MGM's financial problems.

Watch the trailer below to see Josh and Chris run around toting guns, then tell us what you think.

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