Kristen Stewart cancels planned MTV VMA Awards appearance with Robert Pattinson

Any potential Robsten awkwardness at the MTV VMA awards has been averted, with Kristen Stewart reportedly pulling out of the TV awards ceremony.

Kstew - who is yet to attend a public event since her steamy car snogs with Rupert Sanders - was due to present an award with Robert Pattinson, so we're not entirely surprised she's decided to cancel the planned appearance.

Kristen stewart pulls out of VMA appearance

We can't imagine anything more awkward than having to walk onstage in front of millions of people with your ex. The one you got caught cheating on.

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Instead, Krizzle is said to be attending the Toronto Film Festival - so will still be making a public appearance, possibly with 'Take me back Rob' tattooed on her forehead.

A source at MTV told The Mirror: "Bosses were hoping that Kristen and Robert would surprise guests before this scandal blew up.

"The idea was for them to jointly present awards…but that has been changed."

Kristen Stewart pulls out of VMA appearance

This new development means that as it stands, Rob will be flying solo and presenting an award on his own.

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We'd just like to put it on record that we'd be MORE than happy to stand in for Kstew. Also, we have a very nice shoulder for Bobby P to cry on, if he's that way inclined.

What do you think, are you surprised Kristen is missing out on an opportunity to see RPattz?

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