Harry Potter exclusive Rupert Grint: "I had my first kissing scene literally just there"

Even though Harry Potter has come to an end, now all the DVDs are out we can watch them back-to-back and marvel at Ron, we mean Rupert Grint, in all his glory.

We caught up with Rupert at The Harry Potter Studios, to see how he feels now it’s all over.

So what’s his favourite set?

Rupert said: “This is probably one of them, the Gryffindor Common Room, we spent a lot of time in here, particularly in the early ones and there’s just so many memories and I had my first kissing scene literally just there and it’s really weird to think that every prop and every part of everything here has got 10 years of memories in it.”

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Rupert Grint

So did he get to keep anything from the set? He said: “I did get the number off Harry’s door in Privet Drive. It was quite sneaky, I had to unscrew it with a piece of gravel.”

See the full interview here and watch him fiddle with his broken Converse trainer. Aww…


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