The latest series of the X Factor is experiencing some pretty strange goings on - and we're not just talking about the mystery of Louis Walsh's miraculous growing barnet.

These goings on are of the ghostly kind, with Caroline Flack claiming that she was touched up by a ghost while filming for The Xtra Factor recently.

Flackers joined Gary Barlow and his chosen guest mentor Cheryl Cole for the 'judges houses' stage of the competiton - and claims the 16th Century house they stayed in was haunted.

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She said: “I don’t believe in ghosts. I’m a real sceptic. But I felt something brush past me and there was nobody else in the room. It was weird.

“Later on, I thought I saw something move in the mirror. It looked like someone’s arm. There is definitely something creepy going on in that house.”

And Cazza wasn't the only one who got spooked - Gary revealed that he'd sensed a weird vibe an' all.

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“As soon as it got dark, it did become quite creepy," he said. "There were parts of the house that went really cold even though it had been hot outside — and there were some pretty weird creaks and groans going on.

caroline flack says x factor house haunted

“There was a weird atmosphere — the girls felt it more than the boys. Maybe they are more in tune with the paranormal.”

Or maybe ghosty poo just wanted a feel of Flackers' legs. They are pretty fab after all.

There is one other possible explanation.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sinitta at the time? We wouldn't put it past her to be lurking in the shadows wearing nothing but a palm leaf, waiting for her turn to 'shine.'

What do you make of all this?

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What do you think?