Film Review: Now Is Good starring Dakota Fanning & Jeremy Irvine

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So what’s it about then?

Now is Good follows the story of Tessa, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Determined to do everything she possibly can before she ultimately passes *sob*, Tessa goes about losing her virginity, getting drunk, and all the usual things you might expect of someone living out their last days.Then she goes and big-fat-falls-in-love with Adam - and things get a lot more complicated. ??

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Anyone good in it?

Erm, yeah, ever heard of Dakota Fanning? The Twilight actress has made more movies than we’ve had chocolate hobnobs, been brilliant in every single one - and her portrayal of Tessa doesn’t disappoint. The film also stars BUFF TING Jeremy Irvine as Adam, who we’ve nicknamed Jeremy IrFINE due to his general level of fitness. Trust us, when you leave the cinema, it’ll be his face ingrained in your mind. Skins star Kaya Scodelario also appears as Tessa’s best friend.

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If it won any Oscars they would be for…

There’s so many amazingly touching moments that it’s hard to choose – but the scene where Tessa’s mum and Adam struggle to cope when Tessa suffers an uncontrollable nosebleed is heart-wrenchingly brilliant. If a little gross.

But these bits should have been left on the cutting room floor:

We don't like it when Tessa gets all angry and rude to the people she loves. Then again, the scenes are essential in showing the turbulent emotions someone dying would feel (that sounded like proper journalism there, didn't it?). We guess they can stay in then. *sigh*

Topless moments???

Oh yes. While this film may not exactly scream ‘let’s look at hot men in the buff’ but we still get a good old ogle at the Irvine torso – when he and Tessa go for a midnight swimming session in the sea. Phwoar.

Actual ‘ohmygod I nearly wet myself laughing’ bits?

Now is Good isn’t all doom and gloom – there are some very funny moments. A shoplifting spree gone wrong, Tessa informing her boyfriend’s mum that “I’ve just done drugs” in a vacant way, and a rogue wig all made us chuckle (through the tears). ??

Face-covering from fear bits???

The aforementioned nose-bleed is pretty brutal. As is a scene where we see a doctor pull a big ol’ tube out of Tessa’s chest.

now is good review

CRY-O-METER, what goes down?

OH DEAR LORD where do we start. If you’re not prepared to end up sobbing uncontrollably like somebody just stamped on your new kitten, then this film isn’t for you. We started getting teary from about 20 minutes in, and by the end were having a full-on cry. BRING TISSUES.

After watching this, on the manly-man scale (of Louis Tomlinson – Sylvester Stallone) we felt like:  Let’s say we felt like that weepy one in Mean Girls who ‘doesn’t even go here’

Final verdict: 4 stars. It’s touching, emotional, and it involves a fit man being, well, fit. What’s not to love?

Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine on snogs and bucket lists at the London Now Is Good premiere - video

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