Jennifer Lawrence sings in House At The End Of The Street music video

Jennifer Lawrence has not only eaten the faces of Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth (kinda), starred in one of the biggest films of the year, bagged Nicholas Hoult as a boyfriend and managed to look good in a catsuit thingy, but she can FRICKIN' SING AS WELL.

jennifer lawrence in house at the end of the street

In her new flick House At The End Of The Street, Jen's character Elissa is in a band, and is totes a singer/songwritier type, singing angsty songs on her guitar in between FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE.

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The film's released a music video in anticipation of release on September 21st, so we can check out Jen's vocal skills in advance.

Dag nammit J-Lawzz.

Read the first chapter of House At The End Of The Street for free here

Check out the trailer for the film here (with a cushion to hide behind, unless you're braver than we are)

Jennifer Lawrence gets STEAMY in new House At The End Of The Street clip

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