Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two final poster revealed

In anticipation of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 being released on November 16th (almost a MONTH AWAY PEOPLE), the final promotional poster has been unveiled on the film's official Facebook page, featuring, Bella Swan, Jacob Black and Edward Cullen having a casual scamper through a meadow of snow.

Backed up by their vampy mates from other covens, and a load of werewolves who've decided they'd rather help the vampires than chow down on them really, the poster shows our friends from Forks preparing to go head-to-head with the Volturi.

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twilight saga breaking dawn part two poster jacob bella and edward

HOWEVER (we'll try not to put any spoilers in here for those that haven't read the books) but the film's said to have a different ending to the novels - making what turned out to be an anticlimatic letdown become the biggest vampy climax of all time.

Not like that, you filthbags.

Also, Jacob and Edward look FIT.

twilight saga breaking dawn part two bella edward jacob

While we wait for the film to be released, watch back on our chats with Kristen and Taylor at the Breaking Dawn part 1 premiere, where Taylor imagines what it would have been like if Jacob bonked Bella;

Kellan Lutz: 'Breaking Dawn will have a surprise in the end credits'

Twilight Breaking Dawn to have a different ending from book.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters!

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