One Direction to join Leona Lewis and Taylor Swift on The X Factor this weekend?

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In news that’s made us squish up inside with excitement, One Direction, Taylor Swift AND Leona Lewis are said to be appearing on the X Factor this weekend.

One Direction are rumoured to appearing on the show as mentors, giving the contestants “backstage advice” according to The Mirror.

"X Factor is where it all began for One Direction so it makes sense for them to come back and perform," a snitch told the paper.

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one direction to apear on the x factor this weekend?

"Making an appearance on Saturday means they are the secret weapon that could tip the balance in the ratings war. They've also said they'll act like extra mentors backstage for this first weekend. Strictly have got some big names, but nothing as big as One Direction. It is going to be a colourful and action-packed first show and we are confident everyone will be talking about The X Factor after Saturday night."

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Louis Walsh let the Taylor Swift shaped cat out of the bag on Daybreak this morning, and Leona Lewis revealed she’s returning to the shiny stage on Twitter earlier today. tweeting; “The rumours are true I’m excited I’m back on X factor on Sunday!!! Mmm what to wear???”

leona lewis to be on the x factor this weekend

Well, Leona, WE’RE all wondering is if you and One Direction will be on The Xtra Factor after the main show, and if El Flackers will retaliate to the stitch-up she got from 1D over Harry Styles last year by making you and The Paynis feel all kinds of awkward?

OH WHO’S TO SAY. We’ll see you over the weekend for X Factor Bingo. In the meantime why not watch the Wildcards try and sing the theme tune;



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