Tom Daley to host celebrity diving show on ITV?

Tom Daley fans rejoice, because you could be set to see a whole lot more of him.

And no, we're don't mean that in a pervy, 'show us yer bum Tom' way - let's face it, those tiny speedos leave very little to the imagination anyway. Ahem.

Tom Daley to host celebrity diving show on itv?

What we're actually referring to is a brand new ITV celebrity diving show - a programme Tom is tipped to host.

Entitled 'Celebrity Splash' (how original) the telly show will follow the format of hugely popular Netherlands programme 'Sterren Springen' - which sees stars learn how to dive as they perform increasingly difficult routines each week.

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Tto break it down for you - we'll get the chance to ogle various celebs as they squeeze into skimpy swimsuits and backflip off a really, really high diving board. Can anybody say TV GOLD?

Apparently, Tommy-boy - who won Bronze at the Olympics, in case you hadn't heard - is favourite to host the new show, which fits in with his desire to move into telly.

tom daley to host celebrity dating show

An insider told The Sun: “It’s going to be a hilarious show which will have it all — humour, hunks in trunks and gorgeous girls.

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“We are counting on this to be a big banker for next year. Everybody loved Tom at the Olympics, and this could be the perfect vehicle for him. We hope it could be as big as Total Wipeout.”

You know what we hope, insider-person? We hope that One Direction/The Wanted/Robert Pattinson are the celebs chosen to don some tiny pants and take part in this glorious show.

And maybe Louis Walsh for some comedy value.

tom daley to host diving show

What do you think Scapers? Sound good?

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