X Factor star Jahmene Douglas: 'I'm a virgin'

Those of you who follow us on Instagram will know that Sugarscape's Lauren spent the majority of yesterday running around The X Factor studios in Wembley, grabbing various finalists for a quick chat in between rehearsals.

In addition to groping District 3 while they ate their lunch and briefly becoming a third member of MK1, Lauren also sat down for a chinwag with Jahmene Douglas - who opened up about being a virgin.

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Jahemene Douglas - I'm a virgin

Yes Siree, the lovely Jahemene is hanging on to his V plates - and he's proud of it.

Asked if he had his eye on any of the girls in the competition he told us: "They’re all quite young, aren’t they? Or they’re lesbians.

"A lot of female attention goes over my head as I don’t feel I’m worthy of it. So I’m just waiting for the one, which is why I’m wearing a purity ring - I’m not married.

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"I’ve always had the values of it, but this is just to symbolise and show people." 

jahmene douglas: 'i'm a virgin'

Moving on to the subject of song choice, Jahmene revealed that despite the fact he appears to be the NICEST MAN IN THE WORLD there are certain tunes that he would refuse sing.

"Like a Virgin," he laughed, "Because I’d have to say “I am a virgin” in the song, and have to sing it that way instead.

"Also anything degrading to women or with swearing - I just can’t see why that’s allowed in the charts for children. I just don’t get it."

See? Nicest. guy. in. the. world.

There was just enough time to find out what Jammy thinks of his mentor Nicole Scherzinger before he zipped off to rehearse his performance for Saturday's live show.

x factor jahmene: i'm a virgin

"Half the time you’re just trying to get over how beautiful she is," he said. "But she’s quite humorous too, a really dry, English sense of humour.

"I haven’t got over “grow some balls yet”; I’ll get her back for it… I would be waddling like a penguin."

No, we don't really understand that penguin bit either. Is it because he already has balls, so if he grew some he'd be... Ok no, you know what? We're not even going to go there.

What do you think about Jahemene's revelation?

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