The sixth and final (sob) season of Gossip Girl hits UK screens on Wednesday 17th October, and some brand new on-set photos that show the cast filming have been released to get us even more excited.

Want to look at them with us? Ok then let's do it.

leighton meester and blake lively filming gossip girl in new york

The end of season five saw relations strained between Blair and Serena, but it looks as though they may have patched things up here. Or maybe not, judging by those expressions. Oh Blake, if looks could kill...

gossip girl onset filming

Check out Blair's tiara type thingy. Oh sorry, were you distracted by the fact that she appears to be stripping in the middle of Central Park? Yeah, we have no idea what's going on there. Nice baps though Leighton.

gossip girl season six on set photos

We're losing count of all the Gossip Girl villains. There's Georgina Sparks, Ivy Dickins - and now Serena's old nemesis Juliet Sharp is back. AND LOOKING EVIL. Mwahahaha.

Click next to see Chace Crawford and Penn Badgely looking FINE >>>

gossip girl season 6 on set photos

Unlike Penn Badgely, who is being tickled by a make up brush and LOVING IT. We know what to get him for Christmas...

Gossip Girl season 6 on set filming

Finally, let's all stare at the wonderfully gorgeous Chace Crawford, who is snapped with a brand spanking new female character. Poor Nate, maybe he'll FINALLY be lucky in love?

What do you think - are you excited for the Season 6 premiere?

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