Film Review: James Bond Skyfall

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So what's it all about then?

Skyfall is the latest installment in James Bond's 50-year-history, and celebrates this anniversary by being set almost exclusively in the UK - wahey. 

British Intellegence agency MI6 is in trouble after a hardrive containing TOP SECRET information is stolen. Can Bond track down the culprit and bring them to justice before everything goes horribly wrong?

james bond skyfall review

Anyone good in it?

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Silly question. Daniel Craig is back as secret agent 007 and looking mighty fine as always, while the fabulous Judi Dench reprises her role as MI6 boss M.

There's some new faces too - look out for Ben Wishaw who plays gadget-man Q, he's brilliantly hilarious. Meanwhile, Naomie Harris, and Berenice Marlohe take their turn as Bond girls.

If it won any Oscars, it would be for?

God where do we start? We'd like to say THE ENITRE THING but that sounds boring, so we'll try and provide a bit more detail for you.

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There's a scene involving the London Underground which manages to be both dramatic and hysterical - director Sam Mendes's take on rush hour in the Capital is spot on. Judi Dench's performance as M is also brilliant - mainly because we see her in a much more emotional light than ever before.

But these bits should have been left on the cutting room floor...

Actually, we're finding it hard to think of any bits that we really hated. There are a couple of cheesy moments that rather distract from the dramah of it all, but what with Bond be without a bit of cheese, eh?

james bond skyfall review

Topless moments?

Uh, yeah - we're pretty sure the costume designer for this film had a MASSIVE crush on Daniel Craig, he appears sans shirt on several occasions. Not that we have any problem with that, you understand.

Actual 'oh-my-god-i-nearly-wet-myself-laughing' bits?

Loads, which is a bit surprising for a Bond film. James and Q's realtionship provides material for many a giggle, with Ben Wishaw's deadpan representation of the gadget-man hitting just the right note during tension-filled moments.

The film's villian also generates many a laugh - particularly the part where he appears to come on to James. Well, he is only human after all.

Face covering from fear bits?

Yes. James is hopelessly outnumbered at one point which makes for pretty scary times - as does the moment when M finds herself in a serious spot of bother. We also really didn't like the bit where Bond cuts a bullet out of his shoulder. Just saying.

james bond skyfall review

Notes from the fashion police:

Naomi and Berenice wear some pretty fabulous outfits - there's a gold dress donned by Naomi that's particularly stunning - and Daniel Craig sports a variety of swoon-tastic suits. Obviously.

Music maestros will love:

Adele's Skyfall theme tune. It's perfect.

Cry-o-meter, what goes down?

This is actually one of the more emotional Bond films that we've seen - there's no master plan to destroy the world or a laser beam threatening to blow up the moon, but the plot focuses on revenge and personal vendettas - which makes for a fair few tear-jerking moments.

Overall verdict:

4 stars. A must see!

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