Rylan Clark on being evicted from X Factor hotel: 'I was so drunk'

Rylan Clark has spoken about being evicted from super-posh X Factor hotel The Corinthian, after his drunken antics with Lucy Spraggan - which involved flashing his bum and weeing on the street.

"Oh God, the hotel were not happy with that kind of press," he told heatworld. "I’m holed up in a hotel in Wembley for five days. I’ve got to behave myself. I can’t believe it. I was so drunk. 

x factor contestants leave the ITV studios - Uion J, District3, Rylan clark and Lucy Spraggan

Referring to his previous promise that he would streak through the streets of London if he made it through the second live show, Rylan added: "I said I’d do it and I f**king did it.

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"The X Factor team warned me not to but they love it really.”

Ummm, we're not 100 per cent convinced by that Ry...

rylan clark evicted from hotel - speaks out

The video below documents some of the booze-fuelled antics, and we have to admit - it made us giggle a lot.

We're actually not sure which part is our favourite - the bit where Rylan (who has been put into a car by a security-type person) slowly starts creeping out of the opposite door on his hands and knees, OR when Lucy hauls him away over her actualy shoulder.

What do you think about Lucy and Rylan's night of fun - silly, or hilarious?

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