James Arthur accused of ripping off Youtube star

Unlike some of his fellow X Factor contestants, James Arthur has been flying pretty low on the scandal radar - prefering to let his singing do the talking, as it were. Until now.

James has been accused of ripping off an established Youtube act, after he performed a version of LMFAO's hit Sexy And I Know It, similar to one created by Only1Noah.

james arthur accused of ripping off only1noah

The X Factor judges raved about James' rendition of the song on Saturday's live show, praising him for making it 'his own'.

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HowEVAH, fans of Noah Stagelt - who has recieved 13.1 million hits since he uploaded a reworked version of the song on Youtube five months ago - were quick to share their disgust on Noah's facebook page, claiming that James is taking credit for another's work.

james arthur accused of ripping off only1noah

One user wrote: "The problem isn't that he [James Arthur] used Noah's cover, it's that he took credit for the cover itself and allowed it to be seen as his 'own spin' on the song."

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Another fan commented: "Definitely ripped off your version of this song and you did it WAY better. Keep up the good work."

Listen to both cover versions below and tell us what you think - did James rip off Noah, or is this a whole load of fuss about nothing?

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Images: Youtube

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