Rylan Clark: 'If I win the X Factor, society will sink underwater'

Rylan Clark has previously admitted that he doesn't think he can win this series of The X Factor and now it seems he's revealed why - and it's serious. In fact, the whole of society hangs in the balance.

Talking to Digital Spy at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards, Rylan began by explaining that he's going for a different approach on the live shows this week.

rylan clark - society will sink underwater if i win

"I want to bring a serious side of the songs to the table," he said. "I've been asking fans on Twitter and it's looking like they want me to be just me.

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"I don't reckon I can win in the slightest," he added. "If I were to win this society would sink under water - but weirder things have happened."

SINK under WATER? Sweet Lord - voting for him is a risky little game then isn't it?

rylan clark: 'I wont win the x factor'

Still, it does seem as though Rylan's popularity is growing - perhaps we ought to brush up on our Scuba diving skills, or start trying to grow some gills.

What do you reckon?

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