Exclusive X Factor's Kye Sones: 'I do feel let down by Tulisa' - watch

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So last night's X Factor results show was a bit controversial, wasn't it? After Kye Sones and Rylan Clark ended up in the bottom two, we were sure that we'd be waving a tearful goodbye to Rylan and his red feathered shoulder pads.

However, Tulisa chose to take the vote to deadlock - and it was the 'man-who-looks-like-he's-wearing-guyliner-even-when-he's-not' Kye who ended up being sent home.

Kye Sones Exit Interview

We caught up with the Sonester earlier this morning to find out how he's feeling after his dramatic exit, what he thinks about Tulisa's decision and his opinion on Chris 'Baloney' Maloney.

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Speaking about getting the boot, Kye said: "It's not always about the singing, it's about the personal preference of the judges I think."

kye sones exit interview

Asked if he felt let down by Tulisa voting to keep Rylan and taking the vote to deadlock, he replied: "Yeah, I do a bit, because the point of a sing off is that it's a sing-off, and you're supposed to get judged on that.

"I didn't just stand there on the spot, I really performed it aswell, so no, I don't think she got it right."

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Watch the video below to see all this and a WHOLE lot more. Then tell us what you think, obvs.


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