'Is it in your contract to ask me that?' - Robert Pattinson gets defensive on The Today Show

Robert Pattinson is quite the wily fox when it comes to avoiding questions about his personal life - or more specifically, avoiding questions about Kristen Stewart.

Despite the fact he's appeared on what feels like every American chat show in the WORLD over the past few days, he's yet to give us even the smallest morsel of inside info about his cheaty pants co-star and rumoured girlfriend Kstew.

Take, for example, Bobby P's appearance on The Today Show yesterday.

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robert pattinson on the today show

Asked by host Savannah Guthrie about his relationship status, Robbie dazzler responded with a question of his own: "What I want to know... is who is actually asking? Is it in your contract?" he asked.

"Yes it's in the fine print" Savannah shot back, before one last ditch attempt to get an answer out of Robert 'the question dodger' Pattinson.

"It is personal..." she began, only to have Rob cut in with: "It doesn't have to to be. It only gets personal if you answer it.

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robert pattinson on the today show

"I could sit here for hours and talk nonsense," he continued. "About paper rounds, and getting old... needing a nap..."

Yes, we imagine you could, Rob. Watch the video below to watch the interview for yourselves.

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