X FACTOR: Simon Cowell to bring back Cheryl Cole and get rid of Tulisa or Gary Barlow?

Last year in the most controversial move known to man (we’re not prone to exaggeration), Simon Cowell fired Cheryl Cole from The X Factor USA. OH GOD IT WAS DRAMATIC.

Since then their relationship has been strained, but now it looks like SiCo is going to have to doing some major Chezza bum kissing (nice job) as he wants her back on the UK show.

Cheryl Cole

According to The Mirror, a source close to Simon reckons that if he can bring Cheryl back and have her work alongside Nicole Scherzinger they would be the dream team.

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“Simon sees Cheryl and Nicole as the dream team. He believes those two women on the show would pull in viewers and make it so much more appealing than the current series.

“Simon thinks people would watch it in their droves so he is currently lining up an audacious bid to offer her. He knows Cheryl won’t be cheap but more importantly he knows he needs to offer her the right role. She has resisted going back despite him offering Cheryl the UK X Factor after the US situation went wrong.

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“He doesn’t expect it to be easy but Simon likes a challenge.”

However obviously if Chezza comes back, it means one person has to go...

“Someone will have to make way for Cheryl’s return and it definitely won’t be Nicole. Tulisa could find herself for the chop or Cheryl could even replace Gary."


“The current view is he won’t return to the show next year, probably through his choice rather than Simon’s.”

Ooohhh this could all get a bit dramatic. Would you like to see Chezza return, and if so who would she replace?

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Cheryl Cole farting on The X Factor

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