EXCLUSIVE: District3 talk their X Factor exit, being mates with Niall Horan & Micky Parsons' bum

Last night was a very dark time for us here at Sugarscape. In fact, we were so upset at seeing District3 voted off The X Factor we lost all reasoning for a while and threw food at the TV in pure anger.

Luckily, we'd calmed down a bit when we sat down for a chat with the boys this morning, and managed to pull it together enough to get all the gossip from their time on the show.

district 3 interview

Speaking about getting the boot, Greg (not from the) West said: "We thought our time might be up soon - everyone else is flawless, but this definitely isn't the end for us. We can still go out with our heads held high."

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Yes, your knicker-meltingly hot heads.

Moving on from the very sad subject of their X Factor departure, we found out what the boys think of Christopher Maloney, their plans for the future - and all had a big old perv of Micky Parson's bum.

district 3 interview

It's peachy.

Watch the video to see all of this and more - just try not to drool on your screens too much, it's not very hygenic.


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