'Poor Gary' - Little Mix aren't fans of The X Factor's Christopher Maloney then?

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Poor Chris Maloney hasn't been doing too well in the popularity stakes lately - aside from the mysterious masses that continue to vote him through week after week, that is.

Not only was he slated by every judge apart from his mentor Gary Barlow on Saturday's live show, but Little Mix have also chucked their opinion of the Liverpudlian crooner into the ring - and it's not exactly a glowing report.

Little Mix

“Poor Gary, clinging on to Ma-phoney," said Jesy to The Sun. "We’re not fans. I don’t really get it and I don’t know who is going to buy his music.

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"I guess ‘each to their own’. But I can’t see that he’s going to become a pop star.”

Bandmate Jade also chipped in, adding: "I’ll eat my hat if he goes the whole way.”

We'd be careful there Jade, if those rumours that Christophe is getting DOUBLE the votes of any other contestant are true, you could find yourself munching on a whole lot of hat in the near future.

christopher maloney branded a fake

Gazza Bazza is still defending his final act though, despite heavy criticism: "He's not been in the bottom two so he must be receiving a lot of votes," he said. "He can sell records."

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What do you think about Little Mix's comments? Do you agree?


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