The X Factor's Jahmene Douglas: 'My brother stopped me from committing suicide'

Jahmene Douglas and his cheeky laugh may give the impression that he doesn't have a care in the world - but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The X Factor star has spoken out about his tragic childhood, revealing that his brother saved him from committing suicide - before taking his own life three years later.

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Jahmene - whose father was imprisoned for continuously and violently attacking his mother - was just 15 when he locked himself in the bathroom, intending to take an overdose of pills.

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His older brother Daniel broke down the door before he could cause himself any harm, however, and convinced him not to do it.

Jahmene told the Sunday Mirror: "I couldn’t see a way out, so I locked myself in the bathroom and tried to take a load of pills.

"But Daniel smashed through the door and said: 'Are you being stupid, do you know how much we all love you?'. He saved my life that day."

Tragically, three years later Daniel committed suicide himself, after the stress of constantly trying to escape his father - who returned after his release from prison - got too much.

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"We found a suicide note and he addressed each of us in turn," explained Jahmene. "He told us all to keep smiling, something I always told him when he was down. Then he told me to carry on singing because it helped other people.

"Something like that never leaves you, it's embedded in you. That and the fact I can raise awareness of domestic violence is the reason I'm doing this."

You can donate to the Domestic Violence Charity that Jahmene is supporting here

If you, or anyone you know, have been affected by the issues in this story visit The Samaritans webpage here

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