FILM REVIEW: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

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So what's it about then?

The final film in the Twilight Saga,  Breaking Dawn Part 2 (sheesh we won't miss writing that long-ass title on a daily basis) sees Bella not only transformed into a vampire, but also a mother to little Renesmee - who was conceived and born while she was still human.

It seems that nothing can spoil her wedded bliss with husband Edward - aside from the fact that Renesmee is growing at an alarming speed - until the Volturi threaten to bring everything crashing down with an attack on the Cullen family. Dun. Dun. Daaaaaaaaaa.

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Anyone good in it?

Come on now, you know there is. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson return as vampy lovers Bella and Edward Cullen (Obviously) while Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black for the final time. There's a whole host of other famous faces (Dakota Fanning, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Kellan Lutz etc.)too, but you know all that.

If it won any Oscars, they would be for...

The special effects. From Bella attacking a mountain lion, to baby Renesmee and the ALMIGHTY battle scene, the CGI wizards that worked on this film made us feel as though vampires could actually exist.

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But these bits should have been left on the cutting room floor:

Hmmm, difficult one this - we can't actually think of any bits we didn't like. There's a flash-forward scene towards the end that took cheesy to a whole new level, but apart from that....

Topless moments

Taylor Lautner got naked. The whole cinema cheered. STANDARD. We also see a whole lot of Bobby P and Kstew too, as they have all that 'wild animal sex' they've been banging on about for ages.

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Actual 'ohmygod I wet myself laughing' bits?

As always, Charlie provides the main humour in the film - pretty much any line that comes out his mouth is frickin' hilarious. Bella's reaction to Jacob imprinting on her daughter is also WELL FUNNY.

OH WE ALMOST FORGOT THE IRISH VAMPIRES. The Irish vampires are ridiculous. One of them actually wears a flat cap.

Face covering from fear bits?

We don't want to give too much away - but there's one scene that actually made us turn to each other in the cinema, eyes wide with horror, and shout 'F**k off. Did that just happen? F**K. OFF.' Yeah the people behind us didn't take too kindly to that.

Also, the Volturi are frickin' terrifying.

Key cringes?

C'mon people, this is Twilight - it wouldnt be the same without a healthy dose of cringe, now, would it? Saying that, some of the Bella and Renesmee scenes took the whole 'protective mother' bit a bit far, but hey - that might be your kind of thing.

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Notes from the fashion police:

Bella is a lot more stylish now she's immortal, which is nice - and the assorted vampires from across the globe also have some fabulous costumes (Amazonian vamps, we'sa lookin' at you). However, did we mention they put the Irish one in a flat cap?

Music maestro's will love:

The reoccurance of Bella's lullaby made us feel all wistful and nostalgic - in fact, the entire soundtrack had us wanting to run along a beach in slow motion before jumping into the arms of some Hollywood hunk. ROMANTIC INNIT.

CRY-O-METER: what goes down?

Yeah, take some tissues. Not only is this the last film of the saga - which was always going to guarantee some tears - but it's also packed chocka-block with loads of emotional shiz. WE SOBBED.

Brand New Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pictures

Final verdict: You know what? We're going to go right ahead and give this a big fat 10/10. We loved it. We want to see it again. And then about fifty times more.

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