Robert Pattinson wanted a walrus involved in Breaking Dawn sex scenes

We have no idea what Robert Pattinson gets up to in his spare time, but if we were Kristen Stewart we might be feeling a tad miffed as R-Patz has only gone and said that if he'd been the director of Breaking Dawn Part 2, he'd probably have got a walrus involved in the sex scenes.

Sounds a bit fishy to us. Not to mention a tad cold and slimy.

Robert Pattinson would have like a Walrus involved in the breaking dawn part 2 sex scene

It's not the first time Rob has compared vampire shags to something you're more likely to see down the zoo and apparently his and Kristen's monkey business was actually inspired by wild animals.

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He's not sure the whole thing came out the way it should have though and explained what he would have done in the director's shoes.

“I would put [the sex scene on] the last day of the schedule,” El Pattycake told Grimmy on Radio 1.

That's not all though and apparently he reckons the call of the wild would have helped him make things that bit more believable.

“[I'd] say, ‘Listen, I’ve got to have a closed set. It’s really, really important. No one can see the monitors or anything,’ and then just put like a walrus in or something.”

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What, you've never heard that old line about vampire sex being like walrus lovin'? We'd imagine the outcome would probably have been a little bit like this:

Robert Pattinson would have liked a Walrus involved in the breaking dawn part 2 sex scenes

Yes, that really is a walrus playing a saxophone.

Thoughts below please..

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