Exclusive Ella Henderson: 'I had a feeling I would go this week. I just knew' - watch

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X Factor fans up and down the country - us included - were SHOCKED last night, when Ella Henderson was voted out of the competition, despite being tipped to win the show. In fact, our heads are still reeling from the drama of it all.

We caught up with Ella this morning to find out how's she's feeling about her shock exit, what she makes of all those 'Gella' rumours, and her plans for the future.

ella henderson exit

E-Hendz actually seemed surprisingly chipper despite losing out to James Arthur in the sing-off, revealing that she's staying positive and looking forward to getting back to songwriting and all that jazz.

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She also opened up about her relationship with Union J's George Shelley, saying: "Gella? Oh I don't know...at the moment we're just amazing friends, and I'd hate to ruin a friendship like that..."

ella henderson george shelley laugh about romance rumours

AT THE MOMENT? We won't abandon all hope just yet, then. *wink*

Watch the video below to see what Ellz thinks about Christopher Maloney getting through week after week, why any rumours of a love triangle are just plain ridic, and how she feels about being a role model for so many young girls.

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Whadda stunner. What do you think about Ella's comments?

The X Factor: Ella Henderson is out and we are in SHOCK

Ella Henderson: George Shelley and I really like each other

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