Justin Bieber banned from winking, nodding and smiling - video

A brand new Macy's advert featuring Justin Bieber has been released to promote their 'Black Friday Sale' - and it's a goodie.

The commercial (we sounded American then, right?) sees two members of staff asking the J-Dawg to refrain from his 'nod, wink, smile' routine, due to the fact it causes severe fainting fits.

justin bieber macy advert

Unfortunately, The Biebs gets something in his eye while they are talking, and has to do a bit of blinking to get it out.

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As you can imagine, the results are catastrophic.

Right we'd just like to say that BIEBER FEVER IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER. We felt a bit weak at the knees just watching the ad, and have nothing but the deepest sympathy for all those affected by a similiar affliction. Amen.

What did you think?

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