Watch: Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies trailer - a tale of zombie love

It feels like Nicholas Hoult and his awesome eyebrows have been absent from our lives for a very long time, so we're pretty much jumping for joy that he's currently starring in not just one, but TWO films.

Yup, earlier today we showed you Nick starring alongside Eleanor Tomlinson (we know, we know, coincidence) in the trailer for Jack and the Giant Slayer - now let's all look at him playing a lovesick zombie in Warm Bodies.

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nicholas hoult warm bodies

The film - which also stars James Franco's younger brother Dave, and movie legend John Malkovich - basically tells the tale of R, a zombie who falls in love with a human girl.

And judging by the trailer, we are going to LOVE it. Have a look.

Whaddya think, looks awesome right?

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