JLS: 'Simon Cowell has to return to X Factor UK'

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Even though the X Factor judging panel has a good mix of stars and hair transplants going on, there's been a certain, Simon Cowell shaped hole since he decided to quit in favour of the US version of the show last year.

But according to old hats JLS, he's "the best judge in the world" (well, second only to Aston Merrygold anyway) and they reckon the sooner he rejoins the UK show, the better.

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"He has to return, definitely," Marvin told the press this week.

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"He still does Britain's Got Talent. Obviously with the schedule of the US X Factor it's very difficult, but he has to come back."

But even without Uncle Si sitting on the judging panel, the lads reckon the show still has an enormous effect in breaking new artists.

"Obviously you can never tell," JB said, when asked if he thought the show had lost its power to break new artists.

"You have to wait and see what happens to the next batch of finalists, or people from the show next year. See who's doing well and who's releasing."

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JLS say Simon cowell must return to X Factor UK

"I don't think it's on the way out at all. People say, 'The winners never do this, the winners never do that'. But there are winners who have been successful - and it's not just down to the winners," he added.

We'd have to agree - you only have to look at Little Mix on their path to world domination to see that the X Factor is doing just fine. Oh and that little known band, erm One Direction is it?

What do you think?


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