EXCLUSIVE: Twilight's Myanna Buring talks *that* Breaking Dawn twist and the 'go f*ck yourself' game

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is pretty much all we can talk about (still) so we caught up with the lovely MyAnna Buring - who plays Denali coven leader Tanya - to chat about on-set pranksters and THAT shocking twist.

Hi MyAnna, let’s get right to it and talk about Breaking Dawn – we saw it at the London premiere and it was AMAZING.

Oh, I’m glad you like it.

Yeah, it was absolutely brilliant, our favourite Twilight film to date.

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I think so too! I think it was everything that it should be - they’ve done such a good job, because it’s really faithful to the fans, and it really delivers. You want to see Bella and Edward more and you want to see Bella as a vampire… it ticks all of those boxes. And then at the end I think the twist just really, really worked.

myanna buring interview

YES we wanted to talk to you about the twist. OHMYGAHD we were shocked.

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Yeah we can talk about it now - I haven’t been able to say anything for two years!

It must have been so hard to keep it a secret for that long. We’ve struggled not to tell all our friends over the past week..

Um sort of, yeah. I’ve had to be really vague. People have asked what my favourite scene is, and I wanted to say ‘pulling Jamie Campbell Bower’s head apart’ – but I couldn’t. 

What did you think when you first read it in the script - had you read the books before?

Yeah, I knew the books inside out – it was hilarious because I’d be the go-to person on set when people wanted to ask something about the books and Stephenie [Meyer] wasn’t around. So what did you think when you read the twist, what did you think? I thought it was an absolutely brilliant – a brilliant solution. I think cinematically when you adapt a book you have to be prepared to make certain changes, and being able to see the full on fight, it just added to the epic feel. I think without that it would have been a bit wet.

Yes, it was a good way of adding some action without angering millions of twilight fans…

Exactly – and the solution to that scene was created by Stephenie and the writers. They went for a dinner and said, ‘right what shall we do’? So really it was a solution which came from the source. I think that added to its validation.


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What was it like joining the Twilight cast - obviously they’ve been working together for quite a while, so were they welcoming?

Oh very. Very welcoming. Also, because there were a lot of new characters in this film, all the newbies arrived at the same time - I think that made it less daunting for all of us new guys, and we bonded over the fact that we were all apprehensive and nervous!

Was there anyone who was a bit of a prankster?

Noel Fisher and Guri Weinberg [Who play Romanian vampires Vladimir and Stefan] were quite good pranksters and Lee Pace [who plays Garrett] is a very naughty boy.

What kind of pranks did they play?

Guri, Noel and Christian Camargo [Eleazar] would just be naughty boys messing about all the time, they’d always have some kind of game or prank going on. Have you heard of this go fuck yourself game?

No but it sounds fun..

I can’t even remember how exactly it started, but Noel and Guri would tell each other to 'go fuck yourself' and Christian would get involve, and they’d all - it was the kind of thing they just said to each other.

What, just in random situations?

Completely random situations, and if it was embarrassing for the other person that was even better. It escalated to the point where they would get people involved - so you would ‘get someone’ if you were able to tell them to go fuck themselves in an interesting way. Toni Trucks [xxxx] rang up from reception one day and was like: “Hi Mr Weinburg, just wanted to see how you were doing, and if you’re enjoying your stay - and finally I just wanted to stay… Go fuck yourself.”

Haha, we might have to play this game…

Bill Condon [director] got involved too. One of the boys got called over by Bill, and they thought ‘oh God this must be serious’ then Bill just sat them down and said, ‘right, we just wanted to have a little talk to you, and basically… go fuck yourself.’ So yeah, it kind of grew and grew and grew. Stuff like that was going on all the time.


Brand New Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pictures


Was the last day of filming emotional?

Yeah it was - most of us wrapped when we were doing a scene from the wedding. All the old established characters were there with us, as well as Anna Kendrick and all the school kids and it was just… we were filming in this beautiful woodland area, fairy lights everywhere - and then it was a wrap, and six months of my life, of me, done. 

It must have been sad…

Yeah, more so for Stephenie, Kristen and Rob. I mean for Stephenie it’s much more than five years, and for everyone who’s been involved in the film five years is a long time. All of a sudden you’re not coming back, part of your future is not secure, that routine is gone. It’s mixed emotions, because on the one hand you end up feeling quite excited that it’s over because you want people to see it, but on the other hand you will miss everyone.

If you could have a vampire power, what would you choose?

I really like the thing that all vampires have, which is the ability to just move so fast and so gracefully just because I think how amazing would that be? In terms of having a power, I think Bella’s power is great. You can protect everyone you love from harm. 

So finally how has it felt to have been a part of something so massive?

Oh it’s been amazing. So humbling too, because obviously it’s become such a huge international phenomenon - and also because it’s been an opportunity to work with so may incredible people in our industry. I just feel incredibly lucky.

Well thank you for talking to us MyAnna - and for teaching us a new game...!

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