X Factor's Christopher Maloney accused of attacking co-star

X Factor's Christopher Maloney has been accused of trying to strangle a fellow entertainer while working on a cruise ship several years ago. Gulp.

Cabaret singer Janette Galbraith told the Sunday Mirror that Chris 'lunged' at her - claiming that he became enraged during in an argument on the ship in 2005.

christopher maloney branded a fake

"We got into a row and everything came spilling out," she said. "I gave him a few home truths about what the other singers and dancers ­really thought of him. I told him that no-one liked him.

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"Suddenly he flipped. His face totally changed. It was like he was someone else. His eyes started to burn red and he began shouting.

"He lunged towards me and grabbed me around the throat. I screamed and tried to get him off.

"Somehow I managed to get loose and ran out of the cabin, crying. I cried for hours that night."

christopher maloney branded a fake

CHRIST that's some serious stuff.

There's been no comment from Chris regarding the accusations so far, but a spokesman did release a statement which said that: "Chris ­denies the allegations."

What do you make of all this?

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Images: PA/ITV Pictures

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