Nicole Scherzinger: 'People think I'm drunk on The X Factor - that's hilarious'

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When we first heard that Nicole Scherzinger was set to become a judge on The X Factor, we weren't massively impressed. In fact, the phrases 'sloppy seconds' and 'X Factor USA cast-offs' may have been bandied around.

For that we apologise - because 'Queen Scherzy', as she's known by Rylan Clark, is nothing less of SCHERMAZING.

nicole scherzinger drunk on tv

Whether she's doing the splits across the judges table, making up her own words, or nearly giving Dermot a heart attack with her risque comments, she's just a little bit fabulous.

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Saying all that - we're not ashamed to admit that there have been times when we've wondered if Nic had been 'induging' in a little pre-show tipple. Because y'know, sometimes she acts like she's tw*tted.

Apparently, we're not the only ones who think Scherzy is a fan of the sherry - a fact Nicole finds HILARIOUS.

"People think I'm drunk on TV, that's hilarious," she told heat magazine. "I've never drunk anything on the show - I'm just naturally loopy and off-the-wall!"

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We're not sure if that makes her antics better or worse, but either way, we're loving it.

nicole scherzinger drunk on tv

Simon Cowell is also impressed - and according to Nic, has been letting her know just that.

"He [Simon] calls and text me all the time," she added. "He's texted me saying 'You're killing it,' and 'I'm hearing great things about you.'

"I reply saying, 'That's how I do, sucker!'"

Well, we can't argue with that. That's how she does, people, like it or lump it.

Watch Rylan talking about his love for Nicole in our video below. He also mentions something about giving James Arthur a makeover. *cough*


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