Rylan Clark 'flooded' with job offers since X Factor exit

When Rylan Clark got the boot from The X Factor last weekend, we were sad, yes, but consoled ourselves with the fact that he undoubtedly had a future in the entertainment industry.

Now it seems that we were right - because apparently Ry has already been 'flooded' with work offers, despite the fact he's been on the market (as it were) for just three days.

rylan clark exit interview

According to The Sun, Rylan has already been approached by Celebrity Big Brother producers who want him to star in the new series of the reality show, which airs in January.

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He's also said to be considering a cameo in the upcoming live episode of The Only Way os Essex, AND was tweeted by the creator of comedy Benidorm - who said that he wants Ry to appear in the new series.

SHEESH KABOB - it's a reality TV smorgasboard.

Which show would you like to see Rylan in - or should he have his very own programme?

Watch our exit interview with the Essex diva below while you mull it over.

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