Josh Hutcherson on his crotch problem in The Hunger Games Catching Fire

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The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has revealed that not all went to plan while filming an intimate scene for Catching Fire recently. In fact, he experienced a bit of a disaster in the crotch area.

Before we continue, we'd just like to shout *SPOILER ALERT* at the top of our voices for those that haven't read Catching Fire yet, OK? We don't want you to come after us with a butter knife because we ruined the film for you.

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josh hutcherson hunger games catching fire

Speaking about the scene where Peeta Mellark proposes to Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen on camera, Josh admitted to his crotchy secret, telling MTV News: "I have proposed to Katniss. It was good."

"Actually, funny story: When we shot it, the actual proposal itself is done where you don't hear what we're saying, so I was just saying gibberish while I was proposing to her on one knee.

"Actually, the very first time I went to get down on one knee my pants ripped right down the crotch. The worst thing that could happen when you're proposing to somebody is that your pants rip right down the crotch, and that's what happened to Peeta.

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"So... he's doomed. He's doomed. Poor guy, he just can't catch a break."

josh hutcherson the hunger games catching fire

Yeah, not the most romantic of things, a crotch rip. Crotch is a funny word, isn't it? Crotch. Crotch. Crotch.

ANYWAY, we're excited to hear about Catching Fire filming getting well and truly underway, even if there have been a few mishaps in the trouser department. Are you?

If you can't wait until 2013 however, why not watch our interview with Josh below?


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