Gary Barlow says he might quit The X Factor if Simon Cowell rejoins judging panel

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Rumours that Simon Cowell may be considering rejoining the X Factor UK have been floating about for a while now - but his return could be problematic for Gary Barlow, who has admitted he doesn't know if he could judge alongside the music mogul.


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Relations between Gaz and Si (sound like two normal blokes that hang around the pub when you say it like that, don't they) are said to be pretty strained at the mo, with some sources claiming they now only communicate through producers, or by carrier pigeon.

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Ok yeah, we made the pigeon bit up - so sue us.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror about the possibility of having to share the judges table with his boss, Gary said: "Could I judge alongside Simon Cowell if he came back? Mmm, I don't know.

"I have enjoyed this series more than last year but the show feels like it has been going on for a year this time. If this is my last year, I've had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute."

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Hmm, so we think it's fair to say GazBaz doesn't sound MASSIVELY keen on the idea of doing exey for a third series. Sadface.

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He also had something to say about his somewhat controversial act Christopher Maloney - revealing that he thinks the Scouse crooner has a chance at making it to the final.

"X Factor is a show where they have given the public the right to vote, said The Barlow. "So for me to ever sit there and say the public is wrong is the wrong attitude to have.

"We have got to put people up there on the stage. Up until the final 12 we have all the say, from that point it is up to the public and we have got to listen to them.

"I like James Arthur but you are given a category and you are expected to stand by that person, and that is what I am doing.

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"I am standing by my man. Chris is doing great. Right now, I just need to get Chris through the semi-finals. That's what I'm most excited about. The next two weeks are going to be great.

"I know he can go all the way, I just need to get him through next week. I think it could come down to Chris and Jahmene in the final."

What do you make of Gary's comments? Watch this video of the X Factor contestants talking about biting each other while you compose your answer..


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