Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson running around on the set of New Girl - PICS

Here in the UK we're still impatiently waiting for the second series of New Girl to hit our sceens (no spoilers please, Yanks) so these photos of Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson filming brand new scenes on set in Los Angeles sent us into a tizzy of excitement.

New Girl on set pictures

This particular photo of Nick (in a rather fetching hat) leaning over Jess had us shouting DOES THIS MEAN THEY'RE TOGETHER? ARE NICK AND JESS *FINALLY* GETTING TOGETHER? at our computer - but alas, our computer did not answer.

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If this was a romantic rendevous of some kind (no spoilers no spoilers no spoilers no spoilers) it clearly didn't go exactly to plan, because sharing a smooch and running away don't tend to go hand in hand.

New Girl on set pictures

On the plus side, that expression on Jake's face is PURE. GOLD. We also like Zooey's dress.

What do you think?

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