Rylan Clark may have landed yet another television role - this time on Gordon Ramsay's Christmas Cookalong show. Gulp.

According to insiders, Rye-bread is one celeb Channel 4 are desperate to sign up for the one-off programme - which will see famous types cook with Gordon LIVE on Christmas day. Double Gulp.

rylan clark

"The production team have been speaking to Rylan and a number of other celebs about appearing live on the show on Christmas Day," a source told The Sun.

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"Rylan is a big fan of Gordon's and was thrilled at the approach. If he can do it, he will.

"Can you imagine Rylan having Christmas lunch with Gordon and his family? It would be an absolute scream."

Yes, we can imagine that there will be some screaming involved - we're not sure if it'll be the good kind though.

rylan clark on daybreak 1

This news certainly confirms that Rylan is in demand since his X Factor exit two weeks ago. He's already landed a temporary job as the showbiz editor on ITV's Daybreak - and been tipped for Celebrity Big Brother in January.

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So, even if we aren't treated to the sight of Ry sticking his hand up a turkey's bum or deep filling mince pies this Christmas day - it's safe to say he's not going anywhere any time soon. Which is a relief.

What do you think - would you like to see Rylan and Gordon get it on in the kitchen?


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