Those McFly boys have been teasing us for what feels like our WHOLE LIVES with chatter about their new telly show, imaginitively titled The McFly show - and NOW IT'S HERE.

mcfly tv show preview

A short teaser clip's been released to promote the show, and basically tells us everything we need to know;

  • The boys are looking FINE in suits
  • We get to see them play music
  • It's gonna make us laugh. Too much. Probably at stuff that regular people won't find funny. Ah well.
tom flethcer mcfly show

The first episode airs this Saturday December 8th (tomorrow!) on ITV2 at 7pm.

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McFly perform acoustic version of That Girl and Harry does a little twirly thing, it's lovely

We made McFly kiss each other once - it was GREAT. Watch here


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