Daniel Radcliffe on The Graham Norton Show - preview pics

Daniel Radcliffe fans out might want to cancel any previous plans for tonight - because he's appearing on the Graham Norton Show - and had a WHALE of a time if these photos from yesterday's recording are anything to go by.

Danny boy was joined on the sofa by Jessica Ennis and Ricky Gervais who - hang on, are those TWEED trousers Dan's got on? Christ they are. They're actually tweed.

Jennis, meanwhile, looked b-e-a-utiful in a high-necked cream frock with lace detailing.

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Daniel Radcliffe Jessica Ennis

That's an interesting expression Dan - we can't quite decide if you look happy or evil. Let's take a closer look.

the graham norton show preview pics

Evil. Definitely evil.

In fact, he sort of reminds us of someone. Who is it...?

graham norton show preview pics

Ah yes that's right - Voldemort.

What do you reckon Scapers - will you be tuning in to BBC1 at 10.35pm tonight?

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