Simon Cowell 'loves' Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur - but has 'no plans' for Chris Maloney

Christopher Maloney may be tipped to win The X Factor this weekend, but according to Louis Walsh, he's barely even made it on to Simon Cowell's radar.

Yep, speaking about Uncle Si, Louis revealed that the music mogul is busy cooking up all sorts of plans for finalists Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur - but none for Chris Maloney, bye.

christopher maloney branded a fake

“Simon is in America working his own show," Louis told The Daily Mirror. “I spoke to him this week and I know he loves James and Jahmene but I don’t remember him talking about Chris, no.” Ouch.

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Louis went on to rub salt into the wound, by pretending he had forgotton who Chris was.

“Chris, who is Chris?" he joked. "Oh he is still there, the Liverpool guy. He has got a nan there. He is a good singer, but I don’t think he is a star.”

Louis added: “Last week in the semi final his first song was good, especially if you closed your eyes. But then I opened them – and he was there!

“Then when he did the Michael Buble song he was back to Chris the karaoke singer or cruise ship singer.”

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Walshy-pants also spoke about the possibility of Simon returning to the UK version of The X Factor, admitting that while it might not be possible for him to rejoin the judging panel full time, he'd like him to be involved somehow. 

“I would love him to be on a big screen every week talking to us like with Charlie’s Angels," he said. "He should do that. His big head could be up there.”

You know what Louis, you Irish scamp? We actually kind of love that idea. Poor old Malones though, ey?

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