X Factor Final: James Arthur set to win over half the votes?

Can we all just take a moment to close our eyes and remember that, OHMAGHAD it’s the X Factor final tonight! (Let's try and forget how dark and empty our lives will be after the results tomorrow).

It’s been one of the best series ever we reckon, and definitely one of the most controversial all thanks to a big blue eyed bald scouser and a very tall orange Essex boy, but who will come out on top tonight?

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x factor

But apparently some official online polls definitely can call it.

It’s been discovered that APPARENTLY, with almost 59% of the general public behind him, James Arthur is pretty much deffo going to take the crown this eve. Scherzy will be chuffed.

james arthut

Jahmene Douglas and the sharpest hairline in the south west are creeping up behind him with a not too shabby 26%. And then Maloney’s said to be bringing up the rear with just 15%. NONE FOR MALONEY BYE.

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However the poll, which was created by looking at the amount of video searches done online by fans of each contestant, has revealed that Jahmene has had a huge surge in population over yesterday and today, meaning that he definitely still has a good chance of being a dark horse.

Why oh why do we still have a very annoying thought floating round in our head, like a bluebottle that’s whispering poisonous thoughts in our ear, to say that Christopher MIGHT STILL WIN. ACTUALLY WIN.

We’re not sure we can wait 10 hours to find out... THE COUNTDOWN IS ON PEOPLE.

Who are you backing to win the X Factor final tonight?

Simon Cowell loves James A and Jahmene Dizzle but has 'no plans' for Maloney. Awh.

Scherzy works for ASDA to support her lamp chop Jahmene

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