'A Very JLS Christmas' trailer released, AGH: WATCH.

So normally, yep we get excited for Christmas. Of course we do. But when there’s going to be a JLS Christmas TV show coming to our telebox soon... THERE ARE NO WORDS.


And today, as a special prezzie for day 8 of your advent, they’ve released a teaser clip of what we can expect from the show. Remember to breathe Scapers.


The 30 second snippet shows our favourite festive fellas wrapped up in winter coats and belting out the classic All I Want For Christmas in some kind of bauble covered mystical wonterland forest. There's also surprises for some very lucky fans with presents and JLS cuddles. Well jel.

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Check out the trailer here:

You can catch A Very JLS Christmas on Saturday 22nd December at 6pm on Sky One. WE WILL BE THERE WITH BELLS ON. JINGLE BELLS.

JLS tell us about having sex to their own songs. Lovely.

JLS relaunch the JLS Foundation with an AMAZING fan competition.

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