X Factor voting figures revealed - Chris Maloney won for the first 7 weeks

Now that James Arthur's been crowned the winner of the X Factor 2012, his winner's single Impossible has been shoved straight onto iTunes and everyone's patted themselves on the back, the 2012 VOTING FIGURES HAVE BEEN RELEASED.


It goes like this;

Week 1
Christopher Maloney 28.8%
Jahmene Douglas 13.2%
Ella Henderson 13.1%
Union J 7.3%
Lucy Spraggan 7.3%
James Arthur 5.6%
Kye Sones 4.1%
District3 4.0%
Jade Ellis 4.0%
MK1 3.4%
Melanie Masson 3.2%
Rylan Clark 3.1%
Carolynne Poole 2.9%

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Week 2
Christopher Maloney 21.9%
Jahmene Douglas 11.4%
Rylan Clark 10.2%
Ella Henderson 9.5%
Lucy Spraggan 7.6%
James Arthur 7.4%
Union J 7.1%
Kye Sones 5.3%
Jade Ellis 5.2%
MK1 5.1%
District3 4.7%
Melanie Masson 4.6%

Week 3
Christopher Maloney 22.6%
Jahmene Douglas 15.6%
Ella Henderson 10.2%
Rylan Clark 8.8%
District3 8.4%
James Arthur 7.4%
Lucy Spraggan 6.5%
Union J 5.9%
Jade Ellis 5.1%
Kye Sones 4.9%
MK1 4.6%

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Week 4
Christopher Maloney 24.7%
Jahmene Douglas 15.4%
James Arthur 12.0%
District3 10.0%
Kye Sones 10.0%
Ella Henderson 8.2%
Rylan Clark 7.2%
Union J 6.3%
Jade Ellis 6.2%

Week 5
Christopher Maloney 27.6%
Jahmene Douglas 16.9%
District3 14.7%
Union J 10.4%
Ella Henderson 8.8%
James Arthur 7.7%
Rylan Clark 7.2%
Kye Sones 6.7%

Week 6
Christopher Maloney 23.6%
Jahmene Douglas 14.9%
James Arthur 14.0%
Ella Henderson 13.0%
Rylan Clark 12.4%
Union J 11.7%
District3 10.4%

Week 7
Christopher Maloney 26.4%
Jahmene Douglas 17.4%
Rylan Clark 15.7%
Union J 14.7%
James Arthur 13.7%
Ella Henderson 12.1%

Week 8
James Arthur 40.7%
Christopher Maloney 21.0%
Jahmene Douglas 18.1%
Union J 11.8%
Rylan Clark 8.4%

Week 9

James Arthur 41.2%
Jahmene Douglas 22.0%
Christopher Maloney 18.7%
Union J 18.1%

Week 10 FREEZE
James Arthur 51.7%
Jahmene Douglas 31.5%
Christopher Maloney 16.8%

Week 10 FINAL

James Arthur 53.7%
Jahmene Douglas 38.9%

Christopher Maloney (carried over from freeze) 7.4%

Pretty much every time an act was in the bottom two, their supporters voted a LOT more the following week.

Stay tuned, we're off to MAKE SOME GRAPHS.

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