Josh Hutcherson to play surfer dude in new movie 'Paradise Lost'?

If you can't get enough of Josh Hutcherson's chops in your life, you might be interested to hear that he's apparently currently in talks to star in upcoming movie Paradise Lost.

Josh Hutcherson to play surfer in new Pablo Scobar movie Paradise Lost

Before you get too excited, he won't be dressing up in a comedy snake costume to star in an adaptation of Milton's classic and instead it's actually set to be a gritty drama about notorious drug trafficker Pablo Escobar.

Although he's currently off filming the second part of the Hunger Games, Josh is already thinking about what's next. Despite the fact that it's yet to be confirmed, it's been reported that he is currently in talks to take a starring role.

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Apparently he's set to play a young Irish surfer dude who falls head over heels for drug lord Pablo's niece.

That doesn't sound like a wise move to us and we haven't even heard the full story yet. Saying that, we can't help thinking that being a surfer means frolicking about in the water with your top off. A LOT.

Josh Hutcherson to play surfer in new Pablo Scobar movie Paradise Lost

What do you think - excited to see Josh in something a bit different?

Comments please!

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