The Impossible: Review

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So what's it all about then?

When Maria and Henry take their three young sons to Thailand for Christmas, they are expecting to enjoy a releaxing break in the sun. Instead, they are swept up in one of the worst natural disasters of our time. Yes, The Impossible tells the true story of a family caught in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

the impossible review

Anyone good in it?

Naomi Watts, who plays Maria, has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the film and  Ewan McGregor, who stars as dad Henry certainly doesn't disappoint.

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For us it was Tom Holland - who starred as Billy Elliot in the West End before landing this film role - who is the real one to watch though. He actually made us FEEL every emotion. Seriously, we blame him for the fact our mascara was smeared all over our faces when we left the cinema.

If it won any Oscars, they would be for...

Can we say everything? From the realness of the 20ft wave, to the actors portrayal of sheer desperation, terror and heartbreak - and even the terrifying underwater scenes, this film has Oscar written all over it.

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the impossible film review

But these bits should have been left on the cutting room floor...

This is a hard one, because there were bits that we didn't like that much, but which were essential in showing just how terrible and devastating that day in 2004 really was. For example, Maria coughing up blood before pulling a tangled mess of bloody string from her throat made us ACTUALLY gag, but also actually happened.

Topless moments

It's not really that type of film - and most naked torsos are covered in welts and bruises - but let us just say that Ewan is rocking a pretty buff bod these days.

Face covering from fear bits?

SO MANY. From the minute this film opens with the over-amplified sound of a jet screeching across the sky, you will be on edge. We spent most of the movie wanting to cover our face with our hands while unable to tear our eyes from the screen.

Music maestro's will love ..

The Impossible features an original score, recorded in Abbey Road Studios in London. Fancy.

Cry-o-meter - what goes down?

We are not exagerrating when we say we have NEVER CRIED AS MUCH AT A FILM AS WE DID WHEN WE SAW THIS. We snivelled, we sobbed, we asked the man next to us for a tissue, and then we sobbed some more. Our face looked like a wrinkled sponge when we left the cinema.

the impossible

A fun fact about this film..

This one is more interesting than 'fun' - but a majority of the extras used in filming were actual survivors of the Tsunami.

Overall verdict: 8/10 - brilliant, but slightly traumatising.

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