Justin Bieber gets the giggles in Macy's advert blooper reel

Here at Sugarscape HQ  we love nothing more than a good blooper reel. Actually, that's a lie - naked photos of boyband members is actually our favourite thing ever, but you get the idea.

ANYWAY. Justin Bieber has provided us with a right little treat this Christmas, by releasing a compilation of his bloopers from that Macy's advert he filmed a little while ago.

justin bieber blooper reel

As well as winking so fast he looks as though he has a twitch, showing us the ACTUAL inside of his eye, and complaining that a fellow actor is 'making sex eyes' at him, J-Dawg also gets a little handsy with his own perfume.

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It's funny, take a look.

Justin Bieber gets naked - PICS

Exclusive Justin Bieber video - OH YES

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