Rylan Clark and Louis Walsh eat pig penis and sheep brain - watch

In one of the best telly moments we've EVER SEEN, last night saw Rylan Clark and Louis Walsh team up to eat pig penises, and sheeps brain.

In case you think you just hallucinated that first sentence, let us explain.

louis walsh text santa

Louis and Rylan took part in the 'Yule Tucker Trial' - part of ITV1s 'Text Santa' show - and had to gobble down four seperate dishes featuring delicacies from the Australian bush.

Things like pig penises, 'vomit fruit', fish eyeballs and rotten eggs. YUMMY.

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For every stomach churning dish the pair managed to force down, Santander UK would donate SHIZLOADS of money to charity.

rylan clark text santa

Now, Rylan isn't exactly known as the shy and retiring type - so you can probably imagine how hilarious his reactions were. As for Louis, well, watching fish eye squirt out of his mouth is not something we ever thought we'd see.

Watch the video below - just maybe wait until after you've finished eating your lunch.

AGH. Did you gag watching that?

Images: YouTube

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