First four minutes of new Nicholas Hoult movie Warm Bodies - WATCH HERE

Nicholas Hoult is back in brand new zombie movie Warm Bodies and you can watch the first four minutes here right this minute.

Don't say we don't ever give you anything, yeah?

nicholas hoult warm bodies

Usually we're of the opinion that once you've seen one bunch of festering, leg dragging corpses, you've seen them all, but this is a zombie movie with a difference; It's a romantic comedy.

Despite the apocalypse, our zombie hero played by fittie Nick has somehow managed to retain his humanity and wants nothing more than a slice of normality.

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Meeting the human girl of his dreams, he naturally uses all his living dead charms to try to seduce her, even if that only involves grunting and looking a bit dead behind the eyes in her direction.

Sounds weird? Yeah we know, but what follows is apparently pretty heartwarming tale of zombie lovin'.

Check out the first four minutes of the movie..

So what do you think? Will you be seeing it in the cinema?

Warm Bodies hits cinemas in February 2013.

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