Tulisa set to quit the X Factor, according to her dad

It seems there may be a judges seat up for grabs on the next series of The X Factor, as Tulisa’s very own dad has revealed that she’s losing interest in being part of the TV show.


After just two years of being sat in a Louis Walsh/Gary Barlow sandwich, Fag Ash Breath herself has apparently become tired of the whole thing, and may not return for a hat-trick. The rumour coincides with gossip that Sharon Osbourne may be returning to the panel, as well as Mel B being a potential replacement.

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Mr Contostavlos, whose first name is genuinely Plato, has revealed to Now magazine that “Tulisa doesn’t want to be there, she’s bored of it. She doesn’t need the X Factor, she’s got N-Dubz.”

Ermm, don’t know if you heard about it Mr C, but N-Dubz are pretty much deceased. We cry every day about it.

N Dubz

Plato continued to say that "I want her to make some serious dosh, millions, by doing an independent album with N-Dubz. What I want for her is security, so she never has to rely on anybody apart from herself. N-Dubz can do one gig and earn up to £500,000."

Half a million quid? Bladdy ‘ell, we’re in the wrong business. Maybe the Sugarscape ladies need to form some kind of urban music girlband, complete with flappy hats and NA NA NAIIIIIIIs.

Would you be sad to see Tulisa go, or does the X Factor need new meat?

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